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Erkanlar Group was founded in 1972 by Mustafa and Huseyin Erkan brothers. 

We have started business life with the gas stations in Golmarmara, Manisa, followed by cotton gin factory, and natural olive wells. Since then, we have been developing new ideas and the best quality products which has been powered by generations of employees who are inspired make a difference. By the way, we have increased our agricultural lands year over year. We have 2000 decares cotton fields, 1000 decares olive trees, and 1000 decares sultana vineyards in Golmarmara in which has the most fertile lands of the Aegean Region. 

We have opened a cotton gin factory with the capacity of 10.000 tons in 1996, built a natural olive wells in 2006 with the capacity of 1.500 tons and finally established our TURKISH SULTANAS & RAISINS processing factory because of the fact that the increasing planting of vineyard on the region in 2015 with the purpose of exportation to all over the World.

Our new brand factory has been built to the very highest standards by depending on international quality standards of HACCP, BRC and IFS, on a total area of 30.000 m² including an indoor area of 15.000 m². Also, our factory has one of the best modern production lines. Thanks to that, it would bring a new breath to the Turkish Sultanas Market. It has the capacity of processing of 15.000 tons/year. In addition to bulk production (5,10,12,5 14,15 kg.), we are able to produce from 25gr. to 3 kg. in retail according to demand of our costumer.

Our Mission: We strike to offer our customers the best quality. To build and keep successful relationship with target customers and create customer value and satisfaction. To maintain long-term sustainable natural resources and food safety which are key drivers for our company

Our Vision: To meet our customer’s expectations, gain their trust, and become a leading company. To build a strong customer relationship and to sustain a competitive advantage. To increase brand awareness.   

Our main values: To support our customers around the world with our products. To respect the producer, worker, consumer and environment. To optimise the main variables that influence the eco-sustainability profile of materials.

Corporate Social Responsibilities: Our primary focus of corporate social responsibility is the environment.